What Is CBD

What Is CBD In Terms Of Medical Use

CBD can come in many different forms, often designed to make it easier to consume or use. For ingestible the most common types are oils, gummies, edibles and other supplements including drinks.. CBD Oil is the most popular and well-known form of CBD ingestible. In most cases this is CBD extract from hemp and mixed with a carrier oil, such as MCT or olive oil, as this helps with both the absorption and texture. Usually this is dropped under the tongue to enable absorption directly into the bloodstream. Some oils can be added to drinks or food, these are known as water soluble.


It is estimated that around €354 million worth of unlicensed medical cannabis will be sold in Europe 2022, and Prohibition Partners project this will grow to around €2.3 billion by 2026.

In Europe medical cannabis remains closely linked to the existing healthcare infrastructure, with treatment tightly controlled by authorities and with high regulation for operators in the sector. This is differentiated from the North American and European CBD market. There is only a select list of countries that have granted access to legal cannabis medications for domestic patients. However, millions of patients continue to use home-grown or illicit products instead. Germany is by far the most progressive country in terms of legal patient numbers, followed by Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Denmark and the Czech Republic.

It is positive that there is high quality control, medical supervision and in some cases financial support from national health insurance. However, the high bureaucracy to receive a prescription and obtain treatment limits patients numbers. There has also been continuous supply-chain issues (namely sourcing quantities of quality product) resulting from the dislocation between grow and consumptions policies as well as the regulations to operate in this industry.

Canada and the Netherlands have established a dominance in medical cannabis distribution. This is largely because their industry has a longer history having legalised medical cannabis before other regions. The market is moving slowly away from this duopoly and towards new locations in Portugal, Denmark and others.

What Is CBD In Terms Of Recreational Use

Recreation or Adult-use cannabis refers to the use of cannabis for reasons other than medicinal. This stresses that where regulation allows for legal cannabis consumption it is for adults of a legal age.

We have discussed the scope for the Europe recreational cannabis market previously in this document. We believe the key to unlocking this value will initially come from legislation at a country level within the European Union. This will likely result in other countries quickly legalising cannabis to align policy and so not to fall behind.

Switzerland is to be begin trial programs in 2022 which is to be followed by the Netherlands in early 2023. There is bipartisan support in Germany for reform and the coalition government has agreed to legalise the commercial sale of adult-use cannabis during this legislative term. In the following section we discuss the two advanced markets in this area, Switzerland and Germany, and how they look to implement this crucial policy.

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