Travelling with CBD : Here is what you need to know

For many people around the world, CBD has become an integral part of their daily routine and the idea of travelling without it can be daunting. 


The stress of travelling along with the long days exploring new places can be a strain on the body, which is when CBD would come in useful, so, what are the rules surrounding travelling with CBD?


Unfortunately, like everything in the CBD space there is no simple yes or no answer, but we have created this guide to help you understand the rules in different parts of the world.


Is it legal to fly with CBD from the UK and Europe?


CBD is legal in the UK providing it contains no more than 1mg of THC and is labelled as a food supplement, therefore you can travel through an airport and on a plane with CBD products in the UK. 


CBD can go in your hand luggage or a hold suitcase depending on whether it is needed throughout the flight, however, if it is in your hand luggage it must be less than 100ml and placed in a clear bag. If you are using prescription CBD, which is unlikely in the UK but more common in other European countries, then you do not have to adhere to the 100ml rule, but you should carry a doctor’s note or prescription with you.


When travelling from countries in Europe, rules vary which makes it impossible to provide a definitive answer on the legalities within the EU. As a guide, CBD is generally safe unless you are travelling to the following European countries where CBD is illegal or the rules are unclear: Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova, Monaco, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, and Turkey.


Even though it is legal to travel from the UK and most of Europe with CBD it is recommended that you double check with customs and your airline to avoid any problems whilst travelling.


Travelling abroad with CBD


The uncertainty around travelling from countries where CBD is legal lies in the destination as different parts of the world have different laws surrounding CBD. You should always check with the airline that you are flying with and the customs office of your destination to obtain as much information as possible before travelling with CBD. Having the regulations in an email or in writing will put your mind at ease and allow for a more seamless journey.


You should also consider countries that you are stopping at during your journey, as you must comply with the laws of each country that you visit, even if you are only there for a very short period and are not leaving the airport.


Different countries also accept different levels of THC content for example, in Spain the limit is 0.2% whilst in Switzerland it is 1% so this should also be checked ahead of travelling to avoid any issues.


Some countries that you should avoid travelling to with CBD products include Southeast Asia, South Korea, and Arab countries such as Dubai and Oman. You should also be careful travelling to the US as regulations differ from state to state. Due diligence is essential before travelling, it is important not to leave anything down to chance when it comes to travelling with CBD – always do your research and ensure that you comply with the law.


Extra tips when travelling with CBD

  1. For some extra peace of mind when travelling with CBD it can be useful to bring the COA (Certificate of Analysis) of the product with you, this can usually be found on the company’s website and will make it easy to identify if the THC level is below the legal limit.

  1.     Be aware of additional limits in each country. Some countries do not allow full spectrum products and some airlines do not accept any CBD on board. Even if CBD is legal in your destination, make sure you are aware of all the factors surrounding CBD.

  1.     If you don’t feel comfortable travelling with CBD, do some research and find out where you can purchase safe and legal CBD products once you arrive. This is a good idea if you know that CBD is legal in the country you are travelling to, but you have a layover or are unsure of the additional limits on CBD.


For the most part you can travel on a plane from the UK and Europe with CBD, however it is always best to be well-informed beforehand so that you don’t get caught out unexpectedly. As laws and regulations are different from country to country, it is essential to do your research before you fly.

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