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EU Expansion

Your Brand Partner For European Market Entry

With a vast retail network, extensive wholesale and manufacturing capabilities, fulfilment and an in-house digital marketing and ecommerce agency we have everything your brand needs to enter the lucrative European market.

Why Europe?

With the market forecast to hit 9 billion USD by 2027 the opportunity is huge.

Currently, there are no brands with a foothold within the market. Therefore, the timing couldn’t be better to launch a credible brand across the continent.

Why Us?

Well, that’s easy. As you probably are aware, everything from legislation, production and marketing is more difficult in our industry. You need boots on the ground and we have these capabilities.

  • Flexible partnership structure. And that means partner. We work collaboratively, every step of the way.
  • Experienced Management team. With combined decades of experience in the industry our team know where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them.
  • Manufacturing and wholesale. Our extensive capabilities are their to meet your needs and provide a bespoke solution.
  • Retail and Distribution. Our extensive retail network spans extensively through Europe and distributions deals are readily created for your brand.
  • Ecommerce. Our team of digital designers and developers have built and worked on ecom sites for some of the best brands around. A stunning standalone European site for your brand is part of the package.
  • Digital Marketing. Yes, you can market your CBD products on google and Facebook. You didn’t misread that last sentence. Our digital marketing team have the expertise to compliantly circumvent restrictions and help you sell more online.

Asia Expansion

Your Brand Partner For European Market Entry ​

As part of the CBDD owned mellow group, mellow Asia provides a market-entry play into emerging Asian markets. As Asia quickly emerges as on of the most lucrative consumers of health & wellness products, CBD and hemp brands need a partner to capitalise on this.

We’re here to help.

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