The European Cannabis Company

As one of the world’s fastest growing cannabis companies, Mellow Enterprise group carries a unique proposition. Offering everything from wholesale of high-quality cannabis, CBD & hemp products to international expansion opportunities (in both EU & Asia) for ambitious brands.


To be the first commercially viable cannabis company in Europe through:

  • Leverage to growing volumes – the premier intermediary in the high growth European cannabis sector.

  • Defensible margins – focused on mid-stream sector.

  • Profitability – asset light business model with strong cost control.


  • Mellow Enterprise  a listed company in the US (OTC: CBDD) with cannabis operations in Europe
  • Wholesaler of CBD products in Switzerland, with a strong retail and branded presence
  • Integrated turn-key technology & omni-channel distribution services for global CBD Brands
  • Headquartered in Zurich with deep connections in Switzerland and neighbouring countries

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Interview With Mellow Enterprise at the 2022 Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference

Paul Gurney

Paul Gurney

CEO and Chairman
James Storie-Pugh

James Storie-Pugh

Mellow Co-Founder
Ben Muir

Ben Muir

Head Of Marketing

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